I have so many boxes of wedding items, can I ship them to you in advance? 

Absolutely! We understand how difficult it can be to bring down all of the items you have for the wedding. Let's discuss it on one of our calls and we can coordinate the shipping date and address. 


Sky lanterns are so beautiful, can I have them at my wedding?

Good question! Unfortunately, these lanterns cause major environmental and safety issues. Instead, we can do sparklers. We will use really long ones and all the members can have one to burn. Trust me, they're fun and make for lovely pictures. 


Is it possible to accommodate gluten-free and other special dietary requests?

Of course! Let us know the specifics on the initial planning calls and we can put together a custom menu that fits everyone's dietary needs. 


Can Vida Bonita also help us with other events throughout the week, in addition to the big day?

We would love to! If you would like to have a welcome party, or another event during the time the whole group is together, let's plan them all! 

We have many guests coming down with children. Can you help us arrange child care throughout the week?

No problem at all, this is one of our most common requests. Our sister company, Sayulita Babysitting, is ready to take care of the kids if you want a night out or need an extra hand at a daytime event. Just let us know!